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1200 Posters x Catherine Chi

December 22nd, 2010 by admin

 1200 Posters x Catherine Chi

The 1200 posters project was successfully launched last month with an amazing poster by Mando Veve. The second month of the project is beautifully ushered in by Catherine Chi, a recent graduate from the Illustration Department at RISD who created a stunning piece based on the quote from Margaret Wheatley’s Turn to One Another, “Ask what’s possible, not what’s wrong. Keep asking.”

Catherine explains her inspiration and approach:

“I’m fascinated by nostalgic objects; faded colors, smoky patinas, and other imperfections that mark the passage of time. I also love the accessibility and versatility of digital media. My digital work often strives to replicate the quality of traditional print media, particularly that predating latter half 20th century. My usual process involves hand drawn line work in a traditional medium that is scanned, colored and manipulated digitally to look less digital. This might sound a little backwards- but the versatility of digital media and my familiarity with it often allows me a greater range of effects and level of control than I would have in a purely traditional method of working. Being able to make changes easily is an added bonus. However, part of the appeal of this assignment lay in the opportunity for me to see the digital image softened by a return to a more tactile form.

 1200 Posters x Catherine Chi

Just as much appeal lay in being able to collaborate with such a diverse and talented group of artists. One of the things I miss most now that I have graduated is the constant flow of conversation. A sense of community is bolstered by the growth and evolution of ideas through encouragement and constructive criticism. An artist deprived of or isolated from a community like minded in ambition but with a diversity of interests may find his artwork begin to stagnate. Thus it is vital that we keep the conversation fluid, particularly when many recent developments in social networking make it so easy for us.

The fluidity of the conversation is also determined by our attitude towards new ideas.In our phrasing lies the power to debilitate or to encourage development. When Wheatley suggests that we ask “what’s possible, not what’s wrong”, she is telling us is to keep the conversation going by considering and discussing possibilities and potential instead of shutting down dialogue by conversing in negatives. By keeping discussion open-ended and open-minded, as a community we foster growth.”

 1200 Posters x Catherine Chi

After living early life in Australia and Hong Kong, Catherine now lives in New York City. Be sure to check out her other work here and be sure to support this amazing project and buy a poster at 1200posters.com.

Images courtesy of Catherine Chi’s website and 1200 Posters.

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