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1200 Posters x Mando Veve.

November 13th, 2010 by Jeffrey Pena

Check out this really awesome project by some friends at RISD.

“1200 posters is a yearlong poster series about the power of community. Each month, a different artist will create a poster based on a quote from Margaret Wheatley’s “Turning to One Another.” On the 12th of every month, we’ll release a new poster in limited-editions of 100, 5 color, 18″x24″ color silk-screen prints. The proceeds from all poster sales are going to feed the starving artists that made them.”

mandoveve2 1200 Posters x Mando Veve.
The first edition is a piece by RISD senior Illustration major, Mando Veve who is a Society of Illustrator’s Zankel Scholar. Mando explains his approach:

“I believe artists should seek other artists because we are in constant dialogue with each other, whether we are conscious of it or not. By creating artistic communities, environments are made that are conducive to enriching this dialogue for the exchange of ideas. These communities are where some of the greatest ideas are born and exchanged. Post-graduation, the first thing I will seek is community. I want to be a part of a supportive collective in which I feel comfortable to share ideas, debate, and create work generated by these interactions.

mandoveve1 1200 Posters x Mando Veve.

This project presents design as a platform to celebrate the possibilities of community in art making. By turning to one another, opening new connections, and understanding our shared interests, we will inevitably accomplish something interesting and potentially groundbreaking. That being said, I am excited to see how my work will begin the conversation and respond to the subsequent eleven posters.”

So, hook these kids up, show some love, and go buy their print at 1200posters.com.

Also, just for fun here is some more of Mando’s work:

mandoveve3 1200 Posters x Mando Veve.

Mando has a diverse set of technical skills as well as a great sense for experimentation in both painting and illustration. His will be an exciting career to follow, so, catch him early. icon wink 1200 Posters x Mando Veve. You can check out more of Mando’s work on his website here.

mandoveve4 1200 Posters x Mando Veve.

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