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Adam Wallacavage Scion Installation

May 9th, 2010 by admin

adamwallacavageblog1 Adam Wallacavage Scion Installation

Check out these images courtesy of Adam Wallacavage from his month long installation at Scion called ROOMS. The group exhibit featured rooms by Adam Wallacavage, Bill Daniel, Chris Stain, Dan Monick & Caitlin Reilly, Dueling VHS, Justin Van Hoy, Kime Buzzelli, and Rocky Grimes. If you are in LA and have the chance to see the exhibition curated by Roger Gastman. The purpose of this exhibition is to have artists design the entire rooms. The work, in this exhibitin, will not only be placed on the walls it is encouraged to come off the walls and inhabit the entire space.

adamwallacavageblog2 Adam Wallacavage Scion Installation

Adam Wallacavage creates fanciful chandeliers often featuring octopuses, snakes and other wild life. This series of chandeliers came as an experiment when Adam tought himself ornamental plastering which lead him to making plaster cast octapus which he would turn into chandeliers. As they say, the rest is history.

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