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Case’s First London Show at Signal Gallery

February 8th, 2010 by admin

caseblog1 Cases First London Show at Signal Gallery

It is very exciting to share news of the first London show of artist Andreas Von Chrzanowski AKA ‘Case’. The artist will be producing a series of works for the show as well as doing some large scale interventions across the streets of East London. The event is being brought together by Camp Barbossa and Signal Gallery.

caseblog2 Cases First London Show at Signal Gallery

Case has been producing spectacular street pieces for a decade, primarily as a founder member of the celebrated German street art group, the Maclaim Crew. Specialising in heightened form of photorealism, several of the artists in th Clan have moved onto working individually and producing fine art works for the Gallery. Case has taken this route too, great acclaim. Developing the pioneering photorealist spray paint style of the group further in his own works, Case has produced a series of stunning detailed paintings that have made his work much sought after by galleries and collectors alike. In his solo show at Signal Gallery, ‘Never Odd Or Even’, Case is taking his inspiration from the fantastical world of Alice Through The Looking Glass.

caseblog3 Cases First London Show at Signal Gallery

Based in Frankfurt, Case studied art restoration and conservation and has a broad knowledge of art history and painting techniques. Despite this he has moved away from traditional painting mediums and is considered to be one of the leading exponents of photorealist spray painting – indeed he is credited for developing the style and methods in the first place… Case is one of the new bright lights on the Urban Contemporary Art scene, with not only the technique to produce gallery quality works, but with a great ‘street’ reputation to boot.

The first image above is from this particular show. The other images are examples of Case’s work and process.

Click here to view more of the artists work.
Click here to see the Camp Barbossa website.
Click here to see the Signal Gallery website.

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