OVERVIEW: Proposals are evaluated on merit of project, singularity of concept, and adherence to the application guidelines. Applicant and all proposed artists must live or work in the United States. All applications submitted will be considered final and treated as such. Applicants will not, under any circumstances, be permitted to add or edit an application once it has been submitted. Incomplete or duplicate applications will be immediately disqualified.

GUIDELINES: Proposals must be conceptually rigorous and focus on artists, projects, and themes that are innovative, challenging, and engaging. The majority of artists proposed must qualify as emerging or mid-career.

Extra consideration will be given to proposals that clearly demonstrate a unique and creative approach to both curatorial research methods and the exhibition plan, as well as those that present ideas or topics that are not well-represented in the commercial sector.

Extra consideration will be given to those in the beginning stages of their curatorial careers. We strongly encourage applications that contribute to our ongoing commitment to diversity.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: An exhibition proposal of up to 1000 words maximum that outlines both the background and plan for the exhibition; a list of at least four participating artists; at least one image per artist, or up to one minute of video per artist for video and time-based work; a detailed image list; a line-item budget; curator’s CV.

BUDGET: The selected applicant will be awarded a $1000 honorarium and a maximum exhibition/production budget of $4000.

IMAGE REQUIREMENTS: Images must be submitted as JPEGs, with filenames formatted as such: ARTISTLASTNAME_1.jpeg. Video samples may be .mov or .mp4. All video samples must be accompanied by a link to the full piece, to be included in the image list.