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Corbin Smith opening at Pink Comma Gallery

October 11th, 2008 by Jeffrey Pena

This weekend I went to Pink Comma Gallery, an alternative art gallery in the Boston art district.
Pink Comma Gallery is an interesting collaborative space where art meets architecture, product design, and graphic design. Their current show exhibits the works of Corbin Smith. Corbin is a Los Angeles based photographer who uses his camera to abstractly study parts of urban environments. Corbin’s show “Close Encounters” is an exploration of LA’s Venice Boulevard. Corbin’s images capture beauty in a place where few have sought or found it.

corbinblog1 Corbin Smith opening at Pink Comma Gallery

Corbin, who has worked in the field of architecture as a project manager for Villa Project at the Getty, is used to having a keen eye. This is expressed in his photography. Corbin explains, “I like using a long zoom lens or its converse, a lens with macro capabilities. I get up very close to what Im seeing to grab details or to create an abstraction of the subject to capture its essence, or I foreshorten it in ways that make it more graphic and two-dimensional.”

corbinblog2 Corbin Smith opening at Pink Comma Gallery

Each image is a print in a limited edition of 15 and are selling for $325 each. To see more information on Pink Comma go to their website www.pinkcomma.com

Below and Left : Artist Corbin Smith explains his images.
Below and Right: Viewers look at prints of Corbin Smith’s work.

corbinblog3 Corbin Smith opening at Pink Comma Gallery

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