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October 24th, 2008 by Jeffrey Pena

I have thought about doing this post for a while but thought that the artists, activists, art lovers that read Curbs and Stoops might not be into a political blog post. Recently a hammer has fallen on my head and made me realize that politics and art are indefinitely related. All of my creative friends are Barack Obama fanatics. This post is a simple amalgamation of the Obama art that many of the great artists in our community have made. Artists include: Shepard Fairey, The Date Farmers, Bask, and Munk One.

obama1 Artists for CHANGE

Top Left: The Date Farmers for the Democratic National Convention, Top Middle: Munk One, Top Right: Bask
Bottom Left: Shepard Fairey Poster, Bottom Above Left and Right: Shepard Fairey Installation, Bottom Right: Once5 stencil in Boston

obama2 Artists for CHANGE

Another Artist for Obama on Youtube

Please remember to go out and vote for change on November 4th.

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