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A Conversation with Danielle Krysa, the Jealous Curator : Blush

March 27th, 2012 by Maria Anderson


k6top A Conversation with Danielle Krysa, the Jealous Curator : Blush
Good Girl, detail

Danielle Krysa, whom you might know as the Jealous Curator, has a BFA in Visual Arts, with a focus on painting, printmaking, and art history, as well as a post grad design degree. I spoke with Danielle about her new series, Blush, and about how she balances writing about others, design work, and her own artwork. In Blush, the girls call back to a time before we traded in the dusty Playboys for their sleeker online counterparts. When budding sexuality was accessed perhaps by digging through old attics or drugstore racks in search of sexy photos,  rather than tapping “sex” into a google search bar.

k4 A Conversation with Danielle Krysa, the Jealous Curator : Blush
Kiss Me, and detail

Curbs & Stoops: How do you balance writing about others and doing your own work? I sometimes find that I wish I was focusing on one or the other, yet also that this enriches my personal work immensely. How do you create time for each?

Danielle: I wish I could get a few more hours in the day – that would definitely help! I spend a lot more time on The Jealous Curator than I do on my own work, but in the last year I’ve been trying really hard to carve out time for myself (usually late at night). Finding amazing work to post everyday has definitely inspired me to spend more time in the studio, and honestly I feel better (more complete) when I’m making stuff. I’ve been like that since I was a little kid.

k2 A Conversation with Danielle Krysa, the Jealous Curator : Blush
Lovegun, with detail

Curbs: Tell me about your new series. Do you always involve such personal content? How did you decide to do this series?

Danielle: Ha! Yes, but not usually this much personal content! I do like using personal references though, because then the work means more to me. This series, titled “Blush”, was actually just meant for myself until Kate at Buy Some Damn Art got her hands on it. I’ve had this idea about the collision of innocence and sexuality rolling around in my head for about five years or so, but I wasn’t sure how to represent it visually until a few months ago. I tried a few different ways, and it was never quite right until I decided to share my own story. Let’s just say I was in my early teens when a cute boy who loved KISS came knocking. At the time it was “like totally awesome”, but looking back as an adult I think it’s kinda crazy that while I was still totally into collecting sparkly rainbow stickers, I was also making out as “Love Gun” blared in the background!

Curbs: What do you think about innocence and sexual curiosity? Any thoughts on how that ties into music now, or pop culture?

Danielle: Oh, I could get in a lot of trouble answering this one, but… I think it’s human nature to be curious when you’re young. Yes, current pop culture has all sorts of influences, but I had Madonna rolling around on the floor singing about “being touched for the very first time” and I turned out okay. Everyone is going to have their own experiences. Let’s just hope that most of them are positive.

k3 A Conversation with Danielle Krysa, the Jealous Curator : Blush
Lick It Up, with detail

Curbs: What are you reading these days? Does your reading ever influence your content?

Danielle: I wish I had a cool answer for this question, but sadly, I have no time to read these days. I used to always read before bed, but now as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m out. Again, a few more hours in the day, and I’d be all set!

k45 A Conversation with Danielle Krysa, the Jealous Curator : Blush
Beth, with detail

Curbs: What is your process like? How does running your blog influence how you go about doing your own work?

Danielle: I have a beautiful studio one block from the ocean, and I get in there as often as I can. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a graphic designer for almost 15 years, but I like to do a lot of my planning on the computer. I then gather up all of the pieces, take them to my studio, and assemble them by hand. There’s something very satisfying about getting off of the computer, using actual scissors, and getting glue/paint on your hands. Oh, and I have to say, I’m pretty excited about the stash of 1980s stickers that I’ve been collecting… it’s like a walk down memory lane (especially those scratch n’ sniffs!).

I’ve been writing The Jealous Curator for just over three years, and it’s been amazing to see the process of close to 1000 other artists. It’s totally inspiring to know how many people are out there making art, in all different ways. I’m finally comfortable with what I’m creating, and the way I’m doing it… as long as you’re true to your work, there really is a place for everyone.

k11 A Conversation with Danielle Krysa, the Jealous Curator : Blush
Lovin You and Good Girl

Curbs: What’s something that most people who read your blog don’t know about you?

Danielle: Well, here’s a little tidbit that some people might not admit in public. I’ve seen “Dirty Dancing” over 100 times. Seriously. See, I really am a child of the 80′s!

Curbs: So, what’s next?

Danielle: When it comes to my work I’m just going day by day. Like I said earlier, I love making art, so whenever I have time, I’ll be in the studio. I love it when surprises like the show on Buy Some Damn Art, (and this interview!) pop up. Hopefully a few more things like that will happen. As far as The Jealous Curator goes, I can guarantee a post of jealousy-inducing art every day. I’m also curating a few more shows this year, the GIRL CRUSH workshops are continuing across the US (7 more lined up for 2012), and… there is the possibility of a book. I’ll let you know if it happens!


Check out Buy Some Damn Art for more of Danielle’s work.


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    I love Danielle’s work and it was great to read more about her and her inspiration! 

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    I’m glad you enjoyed it!