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Dante Horoiwa: Sao Paulo Street Artist

May 3rd, 2009 by admin

I have become more and more fascinated with Brazilian street art, particularly in the city of Sao Paulo. The city has a very active and even explosive street art scene that is both fascinating and inspiring. Sao Paulo youth grow up seeing street art all around their city. It is used as a transformative force that makes the city rich in culture.

dantehoroiwablog1 Dante Horoiwa: Sao Paulo Street Artist

It is within this context that we find Dante Horoiwa’s work. A 21 year old street artist from Sao Paulo, Horoiwa, has been able to share his work not only with his city, but also with the world. Horoiwa is now travelling in Australia to be a part of the street art scene there. This is particularly interesting because it shows that his work excels at a much greater scope and in an area where street art is regarded differently.

dantehoroiwablog2 Dante Horoiwa: Sao Paulo Street Artist

Horoiwa’s work is an amalgamation of vivid colors, intruiging patterns, and interesting characters that are cartoonish but have a very lifelike quality about them. Their emotion and the level of detail that Horoiwa puts in the light and shadow makes them step into a realm of reality that is very intruiging.

dantehoroiwablog3 Dante Horoiwa: Sao Paulo Street Artist

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  • http://poesiasobrepoesia.blogspot.com/ Marilia

    Wow, I live in Sao Paulo and I’ve never seen this dude’s work… I’m impressed

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