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All Will Be FAKE

December 27th, 2010 by Jeffrey Pena

Check out this video sent to us by Amsterdam based stencil artist, FAKE. In a recent interview with Concrete Canvas the artist shared his view on the street art scene in Amsterdam which is mostly composed of graffiti artists. Fake shares, “The graffiti of course is big but I don’t really like the attitude they have (by claiming public property and fighting over it) and tagging? I just don’t see the point, just some kids trying to get famous by damaging other people’s property.” He goes on to defend his own interventions in public space by saying, “I think street art is often misunderstood and confused as vandalism. Real street art makes people think and adds something to the urban life.”

You can check out more work by FAKE on his website here: www.fakestencils.com

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