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Featured Artist: Fefe Talavera

December 28th, 2010 by Maria Anderson

fefefeature1 Featured Artist: Fefe Talavera

Fefe Talavera is a half Brazilian, half Mexican street artist whose bold and fanciful work is evocative of the energy of her home city, São Paolo, Brazil. Though she studied Fine Arts in Sao Paolo, her work is a radical departure from the conventional tract to recognition.

fefefeature2 Featured Artist: Fefe Talavera

Fefe is best known for her monsters. What is striking about her work is the intensity with which she renders these creatures. Many take form as large street murals on the sides of buildings. The monsters are an expression of the human subconsciousness and represent raw, unmediated emotions of primal aggression, hunger, fear, and desire. At times disturbing, their power lies in this realm of the darkly whimsical. The sheer size of the murals, their multiple faces and eyes, words or pictures scratched onto their skin, the texture of their pelts add to their impact. She often works freestyle and tries not to think about her pieces before she creates them.

fefefeature3 Featured Artist: Fefe Talavera

Some of the creatures have multiple eyes or faces, beings or words scratched into them, or sharp teeth. Her typography monsters, which she makes from individual letters cut from posters she finds in the streets, articulate an expression of these emotions that language cannot quite reach.

Fefe has taken part in exhibitions and other events in cities worldwide, including New York, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Moscow. She has also appeared in Vogue and on MTV Brazil.

fefefeature4 Featured Artist: Fefe Talavera

The YellowPants gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, is currently showing her work in an exhibition titled We Dream in Colors, where her work is featured alongside a diverse group of artists such as  Zosen, Sickboy, Remed, Maya Hayuk, Dave Kinsey, and Buff Monster.

These works have in common the untraditional way in which they have entered the consciousness of the international street and urban art movements, as well as their ardent use of color, diverse mediums, and strength in their form of expression.

Photographs courtesy of Fefe Talavera

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