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New York Close Up: Young Artists in the City

July 2nd, 2011 by Lenny Correa

Developing out of the highly acclaimed and influential Art21 documentaries, New York Close Up is a new web-series offering an intimate look at the lives of young artists in the city. But this show is not about finding raw kids coming up, it focuses on young professionals at the cusp of their creative lives as they navigate the multilayered reality of life in the big city. The series brings an aspect that is more reality-TV influenced and a lot more interesting. Artists are not grouped together by themes or strategies, as in an Art21 episode, but instead we get an unusual glimpse at the day-to-day of these urban creatures. There are home studios to visit, business calls to make, art being packed and shipped, the 99 cent store, couch conversations and even James Franco here and there.  Between all of this we form a good idea of what each artist is about, hear their voices and ideas as well as witness how they manage life in the mundane and the exciting. Definitely a series worth keeping your eye on as it develops and more film/artist collaborations are added; lets start with LaToya Rudy Frazier as she asks What is the responsibility of an artist to her community?

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