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Overseas and Undertones by YellowPants Gallery

October 20th, 2010 by Ashley Zelinskie

undertones Overseas and Undertones by YellowPants Gallery

Overseas and Undertones is a traveling exhibition featuring new work of 13 transatlantic artists curated by YellowPants gallery in Lisbon. These featured artist included AC Bananas, Dan Baldwin, Fefe Talavera, HuskMitNavn, Jaybo Monk, L’Atlas, Maria Imaginário, Microbo, Mr. Jago, Mudwig, Remed, Sickboy, and Zosen. All the works on display share the same energetic feel that comes from having their roots in street art yet the artist each possess different variation and styles that make the work truly unique. The works will be on display in Atlanta, Miami, and San Francisco over the next two months and will be the official Atlanta launch of the “Street Art Cookbook” by Benke Carlsson and Hop Louie.

undertones2 Overseas and Undertones by YellowPants Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, October 22nd, 2010 / 7-11PM
Exhibition Dates: October 22nd - November 16th, 2010

659 Auburn Avenue #504
Atlanta, GA 30312
Images courtesy of animalbandido.com, latlas.net, thesickboy.com, danbaldwinart.com, remed.es, and microbo.com

undertones3 Overseas and Undertones by YellowPants Gallery

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