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“Recycling Sunday” in Warsaw.

July 14th, 2011 by Jeffrey Pena

recyclesunday1 Recycling Sunday in Warsaw.

Luz Interruptus has an incredible ability to transform public space into interactive installations. Pedestrians find themselves navigating through illuminated clouds in “Recycling Sunday”, an installation in Warsaw Poland by the Spanish collective. Curated by Galeria Starter, in order to bring recycling awareness to Poland through inventive art installations.

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Luz Interruptus elaborates, “…we thought of this project, with the idea of familiarizing the citizens with the colors that are internationally used to separate garbage.

In Warsaw, the citizens are not obligated to recycle and the garbage containers are not prepared for it either, meaning that this concept is not commonly known to the majority of the people.”

Like many of their projects, Recycle Sunday, is exciting because of the scale of the “off the shelf” aggregation of items. 1000 green, yellow and blue bags fill an entire plaza. Floating in space and scattered across the ground the bags invite interaction – specially from kids.

recyclesunday2 Recycling Sunday in Warsaw.

The collective shares, “many people came to visit the installation and the interaction was surprising, the children played with the bags as if they were the most attractive balloons and the adults carried them away as if they were precious gifts.

recyclesunday3 Recycling Sunday in Warsaw.

At the end of the night, the floating bags left the plaza to invade the city with their strange presence. Thus the installation finished by recycling itself in a spontaneous manner. We hope that all those who carried them away, aside from recycling their components, learns that in public places, the blue bags are used to recycle paper, yellow for metal containers and green for glass.”

recyclesunday4 Recycling Sunday in Warsaw.

Photos courtesy of Gustavo Sanabria.

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