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Roa Solo Exhibition at Factory Fresh

May 12th, 2010 by admin

I just heard about an exciting show at Factory Fresh recently. The Brooklyn based gallery is opening their doors to one of Belgium’s top street artists, Roa. Check out an excerpt of the press release straight from the source.

roablog3 Roa Solo Exhibition at Factory Fresh

“Through his large-scale installations of very wild wild-life on the industrial canvas of the city, ROA produces a juxtaposition of the overtly natural against the mechanic that is both feral and nostalgic, a reminiscence of what the world used to be before cement and concrete. ROA is famous for his large black and white works that depict both the outer and inner appearance of rodents, bulls, roaches et al, who slumber on garage doors and cement blocks, copulate in abandoned alleyways and decay on brick walls. His work is sprawling and uncontainable, and will be filling Factory Fresh as such, barely pinned down to found materials, clustering in our corners and escaping out into our surrounding streets.

roablog2 Roa Solo Exhibition at Factory Fresh

ROA began pulling animals out of the depths of the industrial world in his hometown of Ghent, Belgium, where he explored the area around his home and was inspired by the life that lurked in its lonely smokestacks. His resulting work snarls at you from wherever it prowls, awaking a visceral reaction that comes from seeing something familiar yet unknown, an uncanny portrayal of the animals within and around ourselves that our contemporary lifestyles have made null.

roablog1 Roa Solo Exhibition at Factory Fresh

Since his Belgium beginnings, ROAs work has hit the ground running like the animals he depicts, scattering on four legs all over major cities, showing up on the walls of galleries and abandoned factories alike. His work has been shown in London, Berlin, Warsaw, and sold out in two days in Paris. He now returns to New York, arriving at a very different kind of factory than the industrial wastelands his animals are known to inhabit, ROAs show at Factory Fresh promises to be untamed and animated as his pieces.”

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