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Veng Kicks off Bushwick Chronology Project

March 21st, 2011 by Jeffrey Pena

veng2gs Veng Kicks off Bushwick Chronology Project

While planning our transition from an interactive entity to a physical location, the Active Space, it only made sense to return to our early days. We kick off our permanent installation “Bushwick Chronology” on the entry staircase of the Active Space with one of the most iconic street artists in Brooklyn, Veng RWK. Whose work has become a marker for the neighborhood of Bushwick. Veng is also symbolic in our personal chronology as one of the first handful of artists interiewed on our site back in March 2009. (Interview here)

veng1as Veng Kicks off Bushwick Chronology Project

Veng’s mural on the Active Space door was the next in a series of iconic anthropomorphic orthogonal faces with rounded edges, a motif that adorns many surfaces in our Bushwick neighborhood including a mural by the rest of the Robots Will Kill collective on Gardner Avenue at Soho Art Supplies. A familiar face to the locals, the pedestrian is invited to enter the building to keep up with the chronology of the artists making interventions in their neighborhood. Starting at the bottom floor artists who have recently done public work in our neighborhood are invited to paint every surface until reaching the top floor. At the end, the cycle begins at the entrance.

If you are interested in becoming part of the project chat us up on facebook at facebook.com/curbsandstoops

You can see Veng’s website here
You can see the RWK collective’s site here

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