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Art Is Everywhere; Life Is Art, So Why Will I Pay To See The Caged Art Inside A Museum?

I Started The Website…

Because I have a desperate need: art should be taking the streets. Last time I went into a museum and found that the entrance was so high that I couldn´t afford it with my student side income I was so frustrated that I got angry. I couldn´t believe that art was so restrictive that if I couldn´t pay a sky-high fee, I was out of the experience, the knowledge and the feeling of real art work. It was a sunny afternoon and visiting museums was my entire plan for the rest of the day. I was disheartened sitting in a step of the huge stairway that lead to the door. I put my head inside my hands and thought for a long time about the nightmare in which the modern world had become.

During that reflection, many things came to my head in terms of money, culture, elitism and the artists themselves. Will they know that people like me can´t enjoy their art for not having enough money to pay the entrance fee? Will they care if that was the case? When did art become so soulless and how can we bring it back to be a mass expression? I thought long about Andy Warhol and his Pop Art idea of being sold in supermarkets, reaching the widest possible audiences. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me that we had past the point of no return for long miles.

Istood up and started walking back home under the sun enjoying a light breeze that barely moved my hair. I had my sunglasses on and was playing Radiohead on my headphones. New York City can be a very beautiful place when the weather is right but I had this indigestible anger in my stomach that wouldn´t let me smile at all. That´s the exact moment I saw it. It was a phone booth that was covered in art and read very clearly “The Resistance is Female”. I´m not a female but I surely can relate to their struggle and feel that is very pure, genuine and has very strong foundations. It was a complete work of art and it was there, in the street, looking at me from a phone booth, which is a very old apparatus that would have already disappeared if they wouldn´t advertise all those unnecessary products with pseudo-pornographic unreal photos on them.

Iwill never forget that moment, I stood still there in the sidewalk, I couldn´t move one meter more because I knew that the artistic intervention was the answer to all the things that flooded my mind. Art is everywhere; life is art, so why will I pay a fee to see the caged art inside a museum? It made no sense then and it still doesn´t.

You won´t see many “me” comments in the blog section because I want to convey a message, not talk about what I like and what I don´t. I am not relevant in this context, art is relevant.