Curbs And Stoops

Let’s bring art closer to people in New York.

Art Is Supposed To Take
On The Streets, Not
Our Pockets

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About What I’ve Believe

Art Is Everywhere; Life Is Art, So Why Will I Pay To See The Caged Art Inside A Museum?

I started the website because I have a desperate need: art should be taking the streets. Last time I went into a museum and found that the entrance was so high that I couldn’t afford it with my student side income I was so frustrated that I got angry. I couldn’t believe that art was so restrictive that if I couldn´t pay a sky-high fee, …

Why Art Should Leave
The Galleries And Reach Everyone

What can you expect to find in the Blog area of the website? Well, the answer is fairly simple: I have put together for you the people and work that inspire me to make art. I believe that the world can be changed and will be changed from an artistic point of view. It is a political stand as well as a cultural and esthetical one.

Girl Cum – Digital Socially-Accepted Porn Series Art of 2019?

Girl Cum series is debuting in 2019 and the first time in the history it’s going to focus highly on woman’s satisfaction on a porn set. Given the popularity of hardcore videos, it’s still graphic but multiple female cumshots must really be noticed. This is what 2019 brings to us – an accepted by society porn that focuses as much on women as on men.

Girl Cum - Click Logo To Enter

Girl Cum – Click Logo To Enter

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MasonicBoys - Masonic Gay Cult

Masonic Boys – the secret cult of masonic males, where naive young guys want to join. The Order – because this is their name consists of elders who lure submissive guys and make them do pervert things in order to please. Scary, filthy and gay. This is masonic boys fantasy.


Facials4K – this might be the messiest kind of art you will ever witness. And when it’s recorded in 4K quality you can be sure you won’t miss a detail. There is something magical about girls taking a huge load on their face with a smile. Are they really into it? Most probably – Facials4K is here.

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Mom Swapped

Mom Swapped – fantasy stories about swapping stepsons by stepmoms. What sounds awkward at first is the finest way of having a consensual foursome. For benefit of all involved. Watch moms take care of things. Follow this unique series on

The Next BIG Thing

Bottom Games

Bottom Games – twink boy featured in body to body activities that turn into very sexual ways. Watch how these games advance into very kinky comptetition where no real losers are made. It’s complete win/win finish no matter who ends up being a bottom.

Girlfriends Films

Girlfriends Films – the finest lesbian content of last 20 years is here. Watch out why it’s the home to all enjoyers of girl on girl lovemaking scenarios. Years worth of videos, constant updates and never-ending journey of girl on girl essensional fun.

Touch My Wife

Touch My Wife – and you are allowed! This cuckolding content is constantly updated with the wildest fun in terms on consensual cheating by smoking hot wives.


ASGMax – get the most out of your hard earned money with Alpha Studio Group membership – the fruit of the biggest merger in gay genre in 2023. Don’t miss a single exclusive scene anymore!


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This legendary group of masked artists who carry on an artistic resistance to the oppression against women in art will be the first part. If you haven´t heard about them, you will find some very good artistic material and while at it, wake that revolutionary spark in you.


This is one of New York´s most prolific graffiti artists in history. He passed away in 2009 but his legacy is stronger than ever. To me he represents the most sensitive side of art with the most edgy and revolutionary state of mind. Iz the Wiz is was an icon but also an example of effort and hard work. You will find his story, his legacy and the wonders he made with just some spray cans.


The intervention of phone booths in New York City to fight against sexism and the Trump administration is simply remarkable. The idea of making ephemeral pieces of ground-breaking art that will be seen by millions of people is awesome and if we add to that the cause they are representing, there is nothing short of a standing ovation for this great movement. You will read everything that´s relevant about it in that blog-entry.


This great creative duo took the walls of the East Village because of a great cause and sparked life again in a forgotten neighborhood. While raising awareness and money to fight aids in teenagers, they also took art to places it might not have gotten otherwise. You will learn everything about it in the article.


The sculptures of this Danish artist outdoors in this beautiful park are one of the best ways to understand what a free art-form should look like. He plays with shapes and concepts and brings art back where it should be, close to the people. Everything about it is in the article.


This is a great indoor and outdoor exhibition that will surely put a smile upon your face. The use of the color palette is derived straight from the ones naturally found in the city. The paid-experience will surely blow your mind and the free one is an amazing addition to an amazing city. The description and all data is in the article.


This legendary gallery turns 50 and makes a great rendezvous with nine of their first projects and a mind-blowing exhibition of prints by Louise Nevelson that go from the fifties to the eighties. She uses a plethora of techniques and always arrives to a marvelous result. All details in the article.

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