The street art of New York has grown into an art form which is one of a kind. It’s amazing to see talented, sometimes anonymous artists turning everything from empty alleyways to bland storefront walls into a vibrant mélange of colors. Ranging from brilliant graffiti that catches your eye to elaborate murals that carry a message, the Big Apple has something to offer for all art aficionados. So let’s not waste any more time, and take to the New York streets to explore some of the best places in the city where you can find street art.

Art Going Digital… and Taboo

Sis Loves Me

Sis Loves Me is a porn project that focuses on a very specific audience. It’s all about step sisters and their urge to have sexual relations with step brothers. How would it be possible to display in approachable manner. Well, you would have to visit the official tube website of the project and browse through 200 episodes.  

Welling Court Mural Project

The Welling Court Mural Project is considered to be the best street art destination in Queens, NY.  Started as a community project by Ad Hoc Art and Jonathan Ellis, the program has grown over the years to incorporate hundreds of artists, both professionals and new talents. With over a hundred artworks spread across Astoria, this is one of the biggest street art galleries in New York.    

Audubon Mural Project

Named after John James Audubon, the famous author of Birds of America, the Audubon Mural Project aims to spread awareness about the harmful effects of climate change by depicting North American bird species threatened by adverse climatic conditions. Located in Harlem along Broadway between 133rd to 165th streets, this project brings you the joy of birdwatching in a concrete jungle.

Bowery Wall Mural

The Bowery Wall in New York City was made famous when Keith Haring turned it into an art canvas in the 1970s. Since then the wall has attracted street artists from around the world, who get together to turn this humble wall into a canvas charged with multiple social and political issues.    

The Bushwick Collective

The Bushwick Collective was started as a community project by resident Joe Ficalora as a way to raise money for children with brain tumors. Since then Ficalora has worked with artists from all around the world to convert this part of Brooklyn into a world-renowned street art destination. During June every year, the Bushwick Collective Block Party hosts artists who dedicate themselves to turning the walls of the neighborhood into masterpieces.