Jeppe Hein is a Danish sculptor an artist who made an outdoor exhibition in the city of New York. The collection is fully displayed in 18 unique pieces that are scattered along the area surrounding piers one to six in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Read on to find out why you should go see the exhibition and please, don´t be shy, touch the art.

Jeppe Hein

Slowly but a steady pace, he has become one of the most famous (if not the most) Danish artist in the world today. He was featured in the most important museums in the world and has had simultaneous solo-shows all over the world. He lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin. He is only 44 years old and was formed in Copenhagen at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and at Frankfurt, in the Städelschule

The Exhibition

Very well-known for his artwork involving he spectator as more than just a mere observer, this exhibition is no different. It is divided in three major bodies of work that require people to become alive. Like lots of the urban artistic expressions in NYC, this exhibition is free for all who come across with it. The affluence of public is nothing hard in the very popular Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Mirror Labyrinth NY

This piece is my absolute favorite, that´s why goes first. It is made of pieces stainless steel that are polished until they turn into mirrors. The pieces are put in equidistant spots and planted vertically directly to the ground. You don´t notice when you´re inside, but it actually imitates Manhattan Skyline with the different heights of the pieces that are also arranged particularly into radial arcs. The three arcs along with the height difference give it a sense of rhythm that is awesome and won´t invite you out.

Appearing Rooms

This is especially fun in the summer and more so for little kids. The idea behind the piece is to create and bring down walls of water created by steams of it that come up from the concrete ground where it is based. Watching it from the outside gives it an almost philosophical meaning because there is no inside and outside anymore. In fact, the expression of bringing down the walls is very closely related to the exhibition of this Danish artist being held outside and for everyone to enjoy.

Modified Social Benches

These are awesome because some of them foster the interaction and the unity while others do exactly the opposite. They are all painted in bright orange and will definitely draw your attention because of the odd shapes. In fact, that´s how I found out about the whole exhibition itself, just walking by and seeing this almost aspheric bench where I could sit and the wood on top of my head will give me some shadow.

I can´t stress it enough, but go to the exhibition, touch the art and become one with the artist.