Two galleries with multiple ongoing exhibits all the time, 50 years and 125 happy artists prove that the Pace Prints´ president Dick Solomon has been doing things the right way for many years. Read on to find out about them, the 50-years exhibit and why you should definitely go.

Pace Prints

Contemporary publishers but also an art gallery, Pace Prints has been around for long years and knows exactly what happened during the last 50 years. They show on their walls some of the most prominent work by provocative artists from the sixties to the two-thousands. They have their collections divided into two physical galleries and also under different names. 50 years went by, the flame is still burning.

Welcome Back

This exhibition reunites nine projects including the very first published one by Lucas Samaras that´s called Book. All the nine bodies of artistic work are from the first ones every published by Pace Prints and promises to be a great rendezvous opportunity for all generations of artists in the same place. Along with Samaras, other great artists like Sven Lukin, Robert Goodnough and Ernest Trova will be present from September 12th to October 13th.

Louise Nevelson: Prints & Multiples

Not many people know that this worldwide famous sculptor once started doing multiples and prints in the 1950s. She was already at it when there was no Pace Prints but then worked with them in some projects in the 80s. The retrospective will show some mixed work done with a wide variety of techniques over a plethora of themes and canvases. The whole exhibition is amazing, but you should not miss the multiples that are three-dimensional. Besides, going to see a solo show by a woman in a two-floor building is empowering all women in art.